'seasons - ep' coming june 15th

Welcome home

I miss my house but not my home
Because my home is by my side
We've traveled down the road unknown
Taking steps behind the light
With loss came pain and in time it changed
To move out of the way for peace
And if they say that family's with
The company you keep


Welcome home
Im glad to meet you
Your skin and bones
May come from different places
But your heart and soul
It shares my home


We settled down just to be picked up
And taught how to walk without sight
I remember thinking on that plane
In the dead of the night
How even the smallest stars
Show us all who you are
And the way they shine their light


We're taking you home
With lamplit steps
We'll reach you
Your handmade soul
Was longing for a family long before
We'd known so lets take you home


With loss makes way for love
Which brings with it life
Which brings with it life
My plans often slip out my hands
And into the hands of the one who gave us life
Who gave us life