'seasons - ep' coming june 15th

pine trees

I'm staring out the window as we
Drive through miles and miles of mountain pines
And I can't see the overlook cause I'm
Focused on the traffic I'm stuck behind
And all the while I'm wondering why
The world's the way it is and where you are
That question would be answered if I'd just stop
And get out of the car

And I fail to see the stars
And then I ask you who you are
And I wonder why I haven't gotten an answer
We want all these miracles
And yet we hold onto the literal
I plead for just one reply
Without ever glancing at the sky

You've been giving us all heartbeats simply as a reminder
Trying to tell us just find relief in all that's around us
But we just keep looking past the blue skies
Trying to find the sun
This whole world is all worn down from chasing idols
We have a tendency to lose ourselves in all that surrounds us
But won't you break through all the distractions
And point us right back to all of the pine trees